Superfood – what's it all about?

Acai, avocado and goji berries have been having a big moment in the spotlight.  

Take a walk through the CBD in Singapore and beyond the zombie flock of office workers, you’ll easily spot rows of cafes shouting out words like GRAINS, HEALTH BOWLS, GOODNESS.  

So what are superfoods? And why are they so hyped up? Are they really that good(ness) for us?  

Superfood in Singapore

Google says that a superfood is ‘a nutrient-rich food considered especially beneficial for health and well-being'.  A lot of food classified as ‘super’ are also super...exotic. Say an avocado, organically grown in the farms of Papua New Guinea by the nomadic tribes and harvested on the 17th day of Spring at precisely 1147 hours - while that is entirely made up, you get the point. Do we have to eat food so outrageously grown to get our nutrient fix? 

hunting for food

Is there something much more accessible and friendlier that is just as good? 

OsomeFood was created to be just that. 

We use super ingredients, restorative herbs ansynergise all the nutrients together to ensure a rich and dense SUPERFOOD. Our food contains a significant amount of micro nutrients, while also being a good source of macro nutrients as well. We use ingredients like wakame and kombu which are highly anti inflammatory 

OsomeFish in singapore

Just 6 OsomeFood fishballs will fulfil your entire day’s immunity needs.

The beauty is that eating OsomeFood will improve your gut health and boost your immunity, putting you in a better position to fight off the nasties that come from the other food you may be eating. Best yet, every ingredient is natural. No chemicals, no artificials, just harnessing the power of real ingredients. Think of it like an assembly of the Avengers.  

The future of superfood is here. Made humbly in Singapore.  

Easily accessible and familiar.