Not simply vegan, It's better than fish

OsomeFish is made from mycoprotein, naturally occurring fungi, which has undergone fermentation to produce protein source. OsomeFish provides the same essentials amino acids as meat. We ensure that our fish-free fish do not contain any components that are genetically modified or heavily processed and yet contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as other essential minerals.

Made to boost immunity and gastrointestinal health, OsomeFish is better than fish.

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development goal 13 – Life Below water. No meat is used in making our OsomeFood, there is zero risks of environmental contamination from heavy metals such as mercury, hormones used in farming, pesticides or plastics. Consumption of large amounts of contaminated food over time can result in gastrointestinal infections, hormonal disruptions, cancers, adverse pregnancy outcomes, and even death. With no added processed ingredients, our OsomeFood is diabetic and patient-friendly.