OsomeFish Fishball

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Our OsomeFood products are filled with optimum nutrition designed for your body, which helps to improve your immune system.

World's first nutrition-focused product, all-natural ingredients made ethically. 

Product Information


20 Fish Balls, Shelf life of 3 months.


Water, Mycoprotein, Curdlan, Canola Oil, White Seaweed, Raw Potato Starch, Nutritional yeast, Pink Himalayan Salt, Wakame. 

Storage Instructions - 

Keep frozen at below -18 degree C.

Refreezing not recommended.

Thawing Method - 

Put in refrigerator for 8 hours or immerse sealed package in cold water until thawed. Cook within 48 hours and store refrigerated. 

Cooking Method - 

OsomeFood products are pre-cooked with nutrition and frozen packed for freshness. Products can be consumed chilled, or heated to the desired temperature (maximum temperature of 45°C recommended to retain nutritional content and flavour).

Benefits - 

High in Omega 3 I High in Fiber I Quality Protein I Loaded with Vitamins & Minerals I Gmo-Free I Dairy-Free I Soy Free I Gluten-Free I Supports Immunity I promotes Healthy Gut I Diabetic-friendly

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