About Us

Our journey started way before veganism or being environmentally- friendly became the talk of the town. We have over a decade of food engineering and continuous innovation of creating the best version of healthy, nutritious and sustainable wholefoods. At OsomeFood, we have created tasty alternatives using mycoprotein and fresh plant-based ingredients, making “instant nutrition” possible in the fast-paced Singaporean lifestyle today. Join us in this movement that’s more than sustainability.

Our Mission

A lancet commission 2019 report estimates that worldwide, unhealthy diets account for up to 1 in 5 premature deaths every day. Access to nutrition food is a defining issue of the 21st century.
While most brands focus on veganism alone, OsomeFood products are packed with nutrition designed for optimal absorption by the human body. It servers not only the purpose of bringing balance to our planet but also brings the added value benefit of health and wellness.
Backed and supported by a panel of medical specialists.

Our Vision

OsomeFood adopts a strict zero-tolerance policy on its food processes and food ingredients to bring healthy food to a whole new level of therapeutic standards.  Although alternative foods are gaining popularity, it's not readily available and / not nutrition-focused. OsomeFood cares about health, nutrition, and overall sustainability; we want to make nutritious, functional, plant-based food accessible and loved by all, not just the vegan community. We want everyone, both young and old, to embrace nutrition and functional food in everyday diet food.

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