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Gearing Up for an Osome Post Covid-19

While most brands pride on being vegan, OsomeFood products are packed with optimum nutrition designed for the body, which packs a punch for your immune system, especially so after this Covid-19 period. OsomeFood brings balance to the planet, and additional benefits to our health and wellness. Made with natural ingredients, OsomeFood products are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, GMO-free, with no artificial colourings, flavours, preservatives and cholesterol. Diabetic and patient-friendly, our freshly made products are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are usually missing from our daily diets.


Plant-based fish packed with Osome ingredients. The world’s first nutrition-based and flavourful OsomeFish products are available now.

Plant-based fish

Did you know that Singaporeans consume over a million fishballs every day?

Fish, that’s a lot!

Unfortunately, over 75% of the seafood consumed is not caught ethically. Our plant-based OsomeFood range of products helps conserve our marine ecosystem and also strengthens your immunity with our unique in-house nutrition-focused food formulae.

Nothing fishy, just a bowl full of nutrition

Full Range

OsomeWellness Box

You can now send well-wishes and nutrition right to the doorsteps of the people you care for.


OsomeFish Ball #1

" It's fishless and yet so much like the real thing, and moreover, it's freshly made  and the nutrition value is an added benefit to the vegan alternative of food."

Amy Tan

Loved every bite of the fish cake

" I bought the OsomeFish cakes and I loved it!! It's tasty and blends well with my recipes. Since going vegan, I have looked for plant-based seafood products and I found the perfect one. Worth the purchase! "

Ying Yue