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OsomeFish Ball #1

" It's fishless and yet so much like the real thing, and moreover, it's freshly made  and the nutrition value is an added benefit to the vegan alternative of food. "

Amy Tan

Loved every bite of the fish cake

" I bought the OsomeFish cakes and I loved it!! It's tasty and blends well with my recipes. Since going vegan, I have looked for plant-based seafood products and I found the perfect one. Worth the purchase! "

Ying Yue

" Tried them several weeks ago, and though fish balls are not my usual cup of tea, I found they tasted much like the real thing and were quite satisfying as part of a healthy meal. I did accompany them with Vietnamese hot sauce on one of the meals as I wanted a bit more taste. "

Dr Richard Helfer - Renowned Hotelier

"I love the OsomeEgg so much, the texture is so similar to an actual egg yet light and healthy! Another product that I strongly recommend would be the fish cake as it has a clean taste. After consuming their food products 3 times weekly, I can feel a difference in carrying out my daily duties as I am more energized and less lethargic. Eating healthy has never been easier for me. "

Dr Mary Chen Ming Li - 2021 Top of the Table - Life Member, 35 Years MDRT member, 33 Years Top of the Table

“Hands down the world's best plant based superfood brand to keep me healthy with the right stuff.”

Adam L.

OsomeFood For

Deliciously plant-based. Healthy. Simple & Easy cooking.

Delicious because:
It enhances the flavours of each individual dish while balancing the overall nutrients.

Healthy because:
It helps you enjoy more dishes and makes any dish more healthy without adding any synthetic nutrients.

Easy because:
It is easy to prepare. So go ahead and bite into something really fantastic. It's plant-based, sustainable and kosher.

How Is It Made

OsomeFood Ingredient Given Superpower

Product Listing

Happy Planet, Happy Us.

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